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Salif Keita in Paris to promote children's book "Tooksipa et le Tabouret d'Or" to raise awareness for albinism
The Salif Keita Keita Global Foundation, INC and Top Model Diandra Forrest team up for 2nd Annual International Albinism Awareness Day (June 13 2016)

African-American Top Model Diandra Forrest is the first model with albinism to be signed to a major agency.  Her new campaign "Beyond My Skin" highlights the plight of persons with albinism in America as she raises awareness and funds for albinism in Africa in support of the Salif Keita Global Foundation.

Salif Keita on albinism: "When I was a child, I did not think I was human"

Salif Keita Featuring Les Ambassadeurs release Albinism Awareness Song and Video for The 1st International Albinism Day

Smiling Faces at our Bamako Office (Koulou Bleni)


Salif Keita distributes sunscreen in Guinea

Lupita N'yongo wins Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Lupita's first acclaimed work was a documentary on albinism "In My Genes" trailer.

Salif Keita performs at UN in Geneva for 20 years of Human Rights

SKGF distributes hundreds of new sunglasses, clothing, hats and creams to Jerusalem to Michaelson Institute for albinism research (August 2013)

Salif Keita's new album TALE

Salif Keita: Talks about politics, coup in Mali and albinism

Salif Keita: Interview about his new album Tale and his work to help those with albinism

Nantenin Keita
, daughter of Salif Keita, wins Bronze in 100 meter at Paralympics 2012 London. (September 2012)

Salif Keita performs at Cote d'Ivoire National Reconciliation Concert following violence in the country (July 2011)

Salif Keita received a warm welcome from the albino community and vowed to defend their rights.

Arriving at the airport, Salif Keita was surprised by Cote D'Ivoire's National Television with an impromptu interview.


Photos for Salif Keita and SKGF's East African Tour to Raise Awareness for Albino Rights (Oct 2010)


Salif Keita


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