Rabiatou Traore

Rabiatou is a 12 year old girl whose father died. As a result, her mother and her were chased out of their village because her albinism is considered a curse by the paternal family. At the same time, Rabiatou has developed advanced skin cancer which cannot be treated in Mali for lack of qualified doctors. The foundation had taken on the responsibility of both Rabiatou and her mother for all their needs as they are destitute and are awaiting evacuation out of Mali funded by the foundation and its supporters. To donate to the case of Rabiatou, please make a donation. 


The Salif Keita Global Foundation is very sad to announce the death of Rabiatou. After months of treatment at a specialized clinic in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, along with two operations to remove her cancerous tumors, the surgeons found that her cancer had spread to her brain and they could not save her life. Rabiatou was a strong, courageous and beautiful little girl who touched the hearts of all who met her. She is survived by her mother, Aissata. Our deepest condolences to her mother and our immense gratitude to all who donated financially to her recovery as well as to the doctors who made it their most sincere and important mission to try to save the life of this precious little soul. Rest in Peace Rabiatou! We will miss you!

Mamadou Camara is a young man from Mali who came to our foundation seeking help with a two large tumors that had grown on his head and neck. We evacuated Mamadou to Cote D'Ivoire where he was operated three times and has been treated for several months. We are happy to say that his tumors were successfully removed and he is set to make to make a full recovery. Again, all our gratitude to all our supporters and all the doctors who have made a normal, healthy life available to Mr. Camara! 

LOVE ALBINOS by Salif Keita Global Foundation Inc.

Albinism (around the world)

Albinism occurs in all races with the common charasteristic of white skin, light colored eyes, and blond hair, regardless of race. Below are examples of  Black Jamaican (YellowMan), White american baby, Black African (Salif Keita), White Australian and South American persons with albinism.

Albinism (Mali)



Kuna People in Panama have the highest incidents of albinism in the world.

Albinos in Kuna culture are considered a special race of people, and have the specific duty of defending the Moon against a "dragon" which tries to eat it on occasion during an eclipse. Only they are allowed outside on the night of an eclipse and used specially made bows and arrows to shoot down the dragon.

Girl with Albinism in Panama
The Beauty of ALBINISM